We Provide the Best Physio Service to our Customer with trust and We are happy

Orthopaedics Physio

At hopes we have a state of art facilities for treating all musculo skeltal condition like head ache,neck pain,Ankle pain etc. We are using advanced techniques in the field of Physiotherapy.We will make the patients comfortable with combined treatments like electrotherapy and manual therapy ie MFR, Trigger Point,Kinesio tapping etc.

Paediatric Physio

At hopes we have a state of art facilities for paediatric physiotherapy for Cerebral Palsy and other childhood disabilities. Our team are eager to help your child to explore the world. Our paediatric physios mainly focus to improve gross motor skills such as Balance &Co-ordination, Strength endurance,ROM etc.

Neuro Physio

At hopes we will treat all the neurological conditions that is stroke, Cerebral palsy, parkingonism, bell palsy etc with most modern and advanced techniques such as the Functional electrical simulation, Body weight suspended treadmill(BWSTMT), Whole body Vibration(WBVT), Trampolice, VRBT, Hydrotherapy etc.

Sports Physio

Our team includes Sports Physiotherapists who concentrates on any sports injuries whether you are a professional athlete or not.We are here to help you achieve successfully from injury and optimise your performance.The aim of our sports injury rehabilitation approach is to go into greater detail,with closer expert Supervision to ensure you avoid injury in the future.

Gynecology Physio

Physiotherapy during pregnancy can be useful for reducing common discomforts like backpain for enhancing your body's ability to have a smoother pregnancy and birts. Our Physiotherapists properly assess, treat and educate pregnant women in effective and safe exercises that have been shown to decrease back pain, pelvic pain etc throughout their pregnancy and postpartum.

Hand rehabilitation

At hands on rehabilitation,our vision is to provide specialist hand therapy services that are highly valued by our clients and our referres. We are dedicated to empowering our clients to achieve their best possible outcome and are focused on helping your return to work and resume your daily living activities as soon as possible.