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Exercise Therapy Unit

With the use of certain instruments and physical activities specific therapeutic goals are achieved. Its purpose is to restore normal Musculoskeltal functions

Hydro Therapy Unit

Hydrotherapy is a method of treatment in which water is used to relieve discomfort, Strengthen the muscles, regain mobility of joints and improve balance of the body.

Manual Therapy Unit

Various methods such as MyoFascial release , trigger point release,Kinesio- tapping are used to slow down or distract different forms of pain.

Electro Therapy Unit

Electric treatment devices are used to stimulate nerves and muscles which helps in the treatment of various forms of paralysis.The use of these devices can effectively slow down or distract neural pain and swelling.

Upper Limb Rehabilitation

This unit provides Treatment for people with hand or upperlimb injuries.The goal in rehabilitation is to assist you to achieve optimal functions of these upper limbs so as to gain independence in their daily activities and return to work.

Virtual Reality Therapy

Virtual Reality technology has the capability of creating an interactive, motivating environment in which practice intensity and feedback can be manipulated to create individualized treatment to retrain movement.